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day's launch was the t▓hird mission for KZ-1A this year. Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatWhen you come to a cit▓y for the first time, every street can be an interesting site, and taking a bus to ▓visit is a good option.Rock carvings record lives of primitive peopleRock carvings record lives of primitive people11-19-2019 16:12 BJTI went to Yinchuan,

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the capital city of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region in September. I was well prepared and had my cell phone fully cha▓rged.I left for the city from Beijing and the flight took less than two hours. The plane flied

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above the mountains. It was a good day with great visibility, ideal for capturinglandscape. The Yinchuan Municipal Government has attached great importance to develop tourism. It has cooperated with the local L

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iuliu New Energy Com▓pany to offer electric sightseeing buses for visitors to get there. The buses started its trial operations in August this year and are free of charge. Passen▓gers can wait for the bus at the

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    bus stops along Beijing Road. Th▓e bus departs from downtown and stops at major tourism sites in northwest of ▓Yinchuan, including the win

    e chateau, Zhenbeipu Film Studio, Suyukou Forest Park and Helan Mo▓untain. The earliest bus departing from downtown is 8▓ a.m. and the interval between two buses is about an

    hour. Images on rocks were dr▓awn in various styles with profound connotations. Dating back to some 6,000 years,they depict anima

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    ls, plants, hunting scen▓es, wars among tribes, faces and figures. Among the animal paintings, there are running deer, blue sheep, tigers

    and leopards, duckbills, and flying birds. The mountain is a place rich in old rock arts. The images carved on the rocks are the last remnants of nomadic tribes living on

    the steppes. They provide valuable materials for the study of the ways of life, religions, farming, husbandry, hunting, and astr

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